About the Workshop #2 - Research & Universities category

Abstract of the workshop

Universities and other research organisations are significant users and producers of open source software. In relation to compliance (and making life easier for everyone!) key questions for research organization are if and how the research community, in particular researchers but also the IP managers (Tech transfer officers and IP manageres), want to and can contribute to supporting and socializing compliance and other Open Source compliance activities. Questions that this Workshop/webinar will work on are:

  • What are the Research Organisations’ challenges and worries in this area? Do they have shared concerns that need shared response?
  • Can Research Organisations engage with the other stakeholders and participate in this activity? Could this type of activity (and tools required for it) be seen as a research project and the results are publicly contrasted and verified licensing compliance information? What liability could they be incurring?
  • What processes and tools to Research Organisations currently use for compliance work ?
  • How can Research Organisations best participate: is it an accessory activity to the main research and Technology or Knowledge Transfer activity? Or can be it a core part of the R+D plan? Can Research Organisations build a network of trust (or institution of trust) among them to rely on results?
  • Technological, are there and can they ensure harmonized formats and reusable information for this purpose?

All in all, we aim to discuss together what Research Organisations need to be able to participate in this process and how best can they contribute.