Stimulate establishment of good practices in research to help researchers with Open Source compliance

The main objective of this discussion is to understand how can we stimulate Open Source compliance practices in research. Feel free to add your ideas, opinions, experience, on elements added in this post my answering this topic.

Here are the first elements mentioned during workshops :

  • Putting a licence is a first step : the copyright holder often does not know about Open Source Compliance,
  • Need from the researchers to document what is what,
  • The analysis is complex to do in particular when you involve a legal department,
  • The checking can be done at different steps of the process depending on the nature of the project : at its early development ? Once the project is mature ?
  • When you sell the product, there is a need of preliminary check on all software packages.

Need of a community approach

  • Need of exchanges of knowledge to reduce the workout and build something together thanks to a framework. This can at least be done at a European level,
  • Get closer to Open Source Research group and existing initiatives (ex :,
  • Distribution of responsibilities can be discussed to help researchers to be more aware and have a better way to work,
  • Need to sensibilize : researchers need to be involved in the process, create ambassadors and have a voice.