What about a common database about license interpretations?

Welcome to the discussion on “Getting lawyers to work together in an Open Source compliance approach ”.

Here, you will be able to exchange ideas before and after the webinar that will take place in may 2023. You will also be able to join the EOLE team in Paris for a face-to-face meeting to follow the presentation live. We will give you more details on the modalities in future posts.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions, exchange, share your remarks, ideas or any documentation related to the topic that you consider relevant.

Enjoy the discussion! :smile:

Hi, according to the eole newsletter I received today, this webinar will take place at 10.30 PM… Not sure if that is correct, because that would actually be in the evening?

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Hello, the webinar will take place at 10:30 am, sorry for the mistake.

you’re obviously right, thanks for your message :slight_smile: